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Trending Ignore Quotes:

kitne andaaz se kiya usne hume nazarandaaz, ae khudha nazar

na lage uske is andaaz ko


dil laga kar yun nazarandaaz na kaare, gustakhi ho gayi toh maaf kar


jo aapki kaamiyon par jyada gaur kare, janab unhe pyaar se jaara ignore kare.

Ignore Status

ignore status

I will not beg for your time or try to
convince you to choose me. The world
is too big and
I have so much to offer.

Ignore status

jung lagi talwaaro ko ab dhar chadani
hogi, Kuch log apni awkaat
bhul gaye hai, shayad unhe humari yaad
dilani hogi

 ignore status

I like being acknowledged.

Doesn’t mean I am

needy. I just don’t want

to be ignored when I put in the effort.

 ignore status

I rather hear “I don’t like you”,
instead of being ignored

Ignore Status In Hindi

ignore status

If I treated you the way you
treated me,
You would hate me


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ignore status

Ignore Me Once And I’ll Show You

Who The Master Is

 ignore status

you ignore me I wait,

I ignore you hate


Best Of Ignore Quotes:

Who was your person who would grace We were happy, we would also love He didn’t even understand me Otherwise I do not love him, pray for him


Did not separate your memory from my heart, Whoever did you remember did something bad, Why are we angry with people, We have never offended anyone


ignore status

“I am hurt by your actions,

passing me by with

your friends

and not noticing me

one bit, really.”

ignore status

“The mot neglected person

is often the one that

is the kindest, who do not

wish to fight for it.”

ignore status

“It hurts to be the person

who always try

to be what the other

needs but never gets appreciated.”

ignore status

I have always been invisible

to people, and

most of the time I am

used to it, sometimes I hurt.

Ignore Status

ignore status

“If your friends can actually

ignore you for so long,

they must mot

be your friends at all.”

ignore status

“Lonely isn’t a feeling when

you’re alone, lonely

is a feeling when no one cares.”

ignore status

“It is more painful to be

ignored than to be hated,

because it makes

you feel like nothing.”

ignore status

“The worst feeling: not

getting a reply back

from someone you really

want to talk to.”

ignore status

“The worst thing in this

life is to be with people

who makes you

feel as if you are all alone.”

ignore status

“Don’t care for those who

ignore you. Care for

those who are ignoring

others for you.”


Best Ignore Status In Hindi:


“You can be with somebody and still feel lonely.”


“Once you feel avoided by someone, never disturb them again.”


Ignore me. I don’t care. I’m used to it anyways. I’m invisible.


“Being lonely is like a storm with no rain, crying without tears.”


“I don’t like being ignored, and I don’t like being forgotten.”


“That awkward moment when your ‘friends’ don’t invite you to something.”


“There comes a time you feel so alone no matter how much company you have…”


“Thanks for ignoring me when,

I needed you the most….”


“Its only a bad day not a bad life.”


Ignore Quotes

“Kill them with your success,

Burry them with your smile.”


“In the patience of tolerance,

one’s enemy is the best teacher.”


ye kaisa unake pyaar ka andaaj hai, ab vo hamen karate najarandaaj hai.


kabhee kisee aise sakhs ko ignore mat karana, jo aapake lie pooree duniya ko ignore karata ho.

jo aapakee kamiyon par jyaada gaur karen, janaab unhen thoda pyaar se ignore karen.

najarandaaj karana tera mujhe maar jaata hai, baaki teree har ik ada par pyaar aata hai.

ignore karana hai toh ekadam achchhe se karo. beech mein attaintion dekar flow mat bigaado.

yu na kaho ke ye kismat kee baat hai. mujhe barbaad karane mein tumhaara bhee haath hai.

ham tumhen muft mein jo mile hain, qadar na karana haq hai tumhaara.

Ignore Status In Hindi

un logon ko kabhee najarandaaj mat karo, jo tumhaaree paravaah karate hain.
aur un logon kee kabhee paravaah mat karo, jo tumhe najarandaaj karate hain.

kaash tujhe meree jaroorat ho meree tarah, aur main tujhe najar-andaaj karoon, teree tarah.

bahut najar andaaj karane lagee ho, tum aajakal, baaj aa jao varana, inhee aankho se dhudhatee phirogee ek din.

rishto ko najar andaaj karane sen, rishte banate nahin, bigad jaate hain.

agar koee najar andaaj karen, usake baad use najar andaaj karane ka maja hee alag hota hain.

unake dil mein hamaare lie berookhee aur beandaajee hai, ham bhee samajh chuke hai ye to najarandaajee hain.

teree har ada par pyaar aata hain, sivaay najarandaaj karane ke.

kamajor log badala lete hain. majaboot log maaf kar dete hain aur buddhimaan log najar andaaj karate hain.

bhoolen nahin hai tumako aur na kabhee bhoolenge, bas tumako najar andaaj kar rahe hain bilkul tumhaaree tarah.

jeevan ka aadha vakt anjaan logon ko manaane ya samajhaane mein chala jaata hai aur aadha apanon ko najar andaaj karane mein chala jaata hain.

Aap nazarandaz kare toh hum intezaar karte hai, hum nazarandaz kare toh aap nafrat karte hai.

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