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Trending Quotes For Cute Girl Quotes:

A strong woman takes what she wants and she is proud of it.

You are my guardian angel. My reason for living.

My daughter saved my life the very moment that she was born.

Cute Girl Pics

cute girl quotes

Embrace the glorious mess that you are.

cute girl quotes

7 billion smiles in this world
but your smile is
my favorite 🙂

cute girl quotes

“No matter what a woman

looks like, if she is confident, she is sexy.”

cute girl quotes

“I may not be the girl that everyone wants,

but at least I am not the girl

that everyone’s had.”

cute girl quotes

“Expect the best, be

prepared for the worst,

fuck what others think and

do your own thing”


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cute girl quotes

“No matter how strong

a girl is, she has weak

point and sometimes, all she needs

is a hug”

cute girl quotes

“By the way, I’m

wearing the smile

you gave me”

cute girl quotes

“Life led me down a path,

I didn’t foresee, yet I

winded upright,

where I was meant to be.”

cute girl quotes

“Girls work on their looks,

not their minds

because they know boys

are stupids but not blind”

cute girl quotes

“Let’s commit the perfect

crime. I’ll steal your

heart and you’ll steal mine.”

Best Quotes For Cute Girl Quotes:

If you don’t love me when I look a mess then you don’t deserve me when I look my best.

I am not just any girl, for I am the Girl.

Every King needs to have a Queen.

Do not hide behind your man, stand proud and walk beside your man.

Keep on fighting until you’ve won all your battles.

Just think about it before turning your back on us! We came not knowing how many broke your heart !!
I am not your  blood that will settle me in Dil, I am the addict who will blow your senses.
You come and meet me like this where I am! Where there is no custom of laying after getting.
Hearing with one ear and removing it from the other So good to hear and expel from both ears
I don’t mind people who don’t like me I have problems with those who pretend to like me
Men are as sharp as chilies, but as fast as chilies The lady also picks it up
So I did not show my ATTITUDE when I was in school Then I used to make my HOMEWORK with boys like you
Burn is called  fire, extinguished is called  ash And this Cute C girl is called Papa’s Fairy ..
We will tell you when the time comes, You will buy the city, but we will run the government
This Facebook is better than all the sharpies, Here you get familiar with anonymous
listen crazy you are rude but more than that you are my attitude.
That maniac is behind me, I am mad after you, You are crazy behind someone else, all crazy back and forth
I don’t care what people say about me, My Lord knows that I have never wished for anyone.
Where are we called # _ girls [sick] ..? We just look at # _.
Everyone’s exams go well Don’t know why the results are bad
Listen_babu Whatever the world says Only you trust me and that’s enough.
Secrets are everywhere, in the hearts of those who like And in the minds of those who don’t like
Yesterday call of a girl came and said I got to meet you… I said #baby take token and get engaged in line
Will do like this, neither will count among your men, nor will you be involved in trans!!
Our friendship will be older than us, every voice of yours will be a promise to us. Whoever broke the friendship first, beating him too much.
Don’t show too much attitude As I change status everyday Someday i will change you too
This is the only style of the crazy heart, which does not get its due.
It is very important to have life in order to pass life easily.

Our favourites

When I love, I break down, I do not get this work according to my need.
Oye, agree with dignity or else I will take it away.
I did not know what love is, Just found out that thousands of hearts have to be broken For the sake of only one
What is the style that Marie cries in so much… At present, only Entry is killed?
Should I cry in front of you, you should understand. .. That was the last point of my destruction.
Relationships of friendship are very long! I don’t know where they will go. … 2 steps you walk 2 steps we walk, after I auto. ….

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